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  • Athens

Study of lung function sheds light on ventilator-induced lung injuries in elderly patients

Mechanical ventilation can be a lifesaver for patients suffering from lung disorders such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma and pneumonia. Unfortunately, the use of ventilators to support breathing can cause further lung injury, particularly in elderly patients.

  • Athens

‘Brain Glue’ repairs traumatic brain injuries

Researchers at the University of Georgia's Regenerative Bioscience Center have developed Brain Glue, a substance that could one day serve as a treatment for traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs.

  • Augusta

Scientists explore more about how sugary drinks make us fat

These hot summer days may tempt some of us to reach for a cold sugary drink, but scientists are finding increasing evidence that if we reach too often, we are setting ourselves up for rapid weight gain.

New method of isolating tumor cells could improve cancer research and treatment

Cells that break away from a cancerous tumor and wander through the body can tell us a lot about the tumor itself, potentially leading to new avenues of research, quicker diagnoses and targeted treatments. The challenge is finding these tumor cells and separating them from the billions of other cells circulating in a person's bloodstream.

  • Augusta

Electroconvulsive therapy for depression in older patients may not relieve their insomnia

Older people receiving electroconvulsive therapy for their depression likely will need an additional treatment if insomnia is one of their symptoms, researchers report.

  • Athens

The Medical Partnership welcomes the Class of 2021

The Augusta University/University of Georgia Medical Partnership is proud to welcome 40 new Medical College of Georgia students to the Athens campus.

  • Augusta

Test results after stem cell transplant can confuse patients and doctors about cancer’s status

It’s a cancer of the plasma cells, which normally make an array of antibodies that protect us from infection.

  • Athens

Medical Partnership welcomes six new faculty members to Athens

The AU/UGA Medical Partnership is excited to welcome six new, top caliber faculty members to the Athens campus. They were attracted to this program for its progressive mindset and sense of community, and it is certain that they will each bring their unique expertise to the program.

  • Augusta

Hypertensive women may benefit most from drugs that target hormone aldosterone

When women are hypertensive their physicians should consider measuring their level of aldosterone, a hormone that at high levels damages the cardiovascular system, scientists say.

  • Athens

Resident physicians coming to Greene County

Graduate medical education is coming to the greater Greene County area, thanks to St. Mary's Good Samaritan Hospital and the Augusta University/University of Georgia Medical Partnership. Starting this summer, resident physicians will be practicing at Good Samaritan Hospital and TenderCare Clinic.